We're Serious About your Data

We provide full-service data collection assistance from beginning to end, from helping you formulate your questions to helping you understand your data.

Questionnaire design and consulting
Sampling Minnesotans


Every year the survey collects information about quality of life in Minnesota and demographic data. Additional topics in past years have included arts, tourism, transportation, health, and many others. Our questionnaire design experts will help you develop your questions to get the information you need.

Participant Selection

We will use address-based sampling to ensure that we survey a genuine cross-section of Minnesotans. We collect data through mail and online methods, and we use sound techniques to make sure that all Minnesota residents have an equal chance to participate in the survey.

Data Collection
Interviewer Training

Data Collection

Data integrity is our top priority. After the survey concludes, our experienced researchers will quality check the data and use statistical methods to make sure the data we report are as representative as possible of Minnesotans as a whole.

Updates for 2020

The Minnesota State Survey is now a mail and online survey. In the past the Minnesota State Survey was conducted using telephone interviewing methods, but we have moved away from this data collection method due to the COVID-19 crisis and declining response rates on telephone surveys overall.